Here you'll find the people and resources dating all the way back to 2014 where I discovered my passion for design. Without them there is no way I'd be the designer or person I am today.

Designers, Friends, Coworkers and People I Respect

These people have played a vital role in my successes throughout my career and in life. They've critiqued my previous work and my image I portray in the world, which ultimately helped me grow as a person and land high paying jobs.

YouTube Channels I Follow

Here are the YouTube Channels that I've chosen that have paid off the most in both my physical health and in design. Some of these YouTubers are probably in a "Modern Day Designer Starter Kit" on Medium. If you're a designer that doesn't like to code, check out Webflow. That tool is an absolute powerhouse pounding away at the industry's front door. Most importantly, I always recommend to find a designer that offers a structured course so that you can learn as efficiently as possible.

Resources That Changed My Life

Below are the books, audiobooks and podcasts that impacted me the most. I don't expect you to read or listen to all of these, but I believe every designer needs to read "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug to get your feet wet.