I chat in small doses about my experiences in UX Design, Corporate America, Self Improvement and the Fitness Industry. My goal is to help improve the lives of people in my network. Please consider subscribing to my content if you enjoy listening.

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Red play buttonWorking Remote Thumbnail

Working Remote Is My Forever Normal For Several Reasons

Working Remote

Forever Normal

No Commute

More Sleep

More Time

Physical Health

Personal Projects

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5 mins 26 seconds
Red play buttonOne Font Thumbnail

No Joke... I've Only Used One Font Family My Entire UX Career

Font Family



Google Fonts

Font Pairing

Font Pairing Tools

Angular Material

Time length icon
3 mins 10 seconds
Red play buttonRefining Old UX Projects Thumbnail

Refine Your Old UX Projects Instead of Creating Brand New Ones

Refining Old Projects



Modern Design

Sweet Spot

Optimal Projects

Mimic UX Roles

Time length icon
3 mins
Red play buttonGhosting Thumbnail

Offering Tips For Dealing With Ghosting During Your UX Job Hunt


UX Jobs



Mental Health


Lowering Expectations

Time length icon
4 mins 51 seconds
Red play buttonHome Gym Reasons Thumbnail

Why I Think You Should Own A Home Gym For The Rest of Your Life

Home Gyms

Cost Savings




Social Event

No Lines

No More Waiting

Time length icon
6 mins 4 seconds
Red play buttonWhy I Don't Lift Heavy Thumbnail

The Reasons Why I Don't Lift Heavy Weights & Friend Horror Story

Lifting Too Heavy

Brutal Injuries


Powerlifting Friend

Horror Story

Injury Prevention

Time length icon
5 mins

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